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    What to do with my cat during the summer?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 28 July 2011

    Depending on weather you stay with your cat at home this summer or have decided to go far away from day-to-day life and unfortunately, there is no place for your kitten, remember to take care of your feline. There are several options you should take into consideration after taking the decision about taking your cat with you on holidays or not. Cats generally love to be in the environment they know well and it might result difficult to take them for a long journey, not mentioning the travel itself! 

    If you decide to take your cat with you, take into account that there are several things you should do before: medical certification, travelling conditions, pet-friendly accommodation etc. Click here to read more about travelling with your cat. However, if there is no possibility for your kitten to go with you, remember about providing it with proper care. You can leave it in a cattery, get a pet sitter, a friend or a family member to spend time with your cat etc. You can find more options here.  

    Finally, if you are going to stay at home and would like to have some extra fun this summer, follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date with the latest cat events in the UK!

    Important: if your cat leaves home, remember to have it microchipped! 

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