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    What To Bring To Cattery?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceMonday 23 May 2011

    Each cattery specifies what you should bring with your cat. The boarding facilities tend to supply food, bedding and toys for your kitten. Here you can find some tips on what you should not forget when taking your pet to a cattery.

    Any medicine that your cat takes regularly is a must. Make sure that your pet’s name and the dosage are clearly listed on the container. Also don’t forget to tell the cattery’s staff if the medication has been given the day you bring your kitten to a centre.

    If your cat is used to eating the same food all the time, you should bring your own food as well (don’t forget to label it!) – enough for the visit and a little extra just in case.

    You will also need to leave the telephone number of a friend or relative who could contact you, if necessary or leave the number where you can be reached.

    You might also bring your cat’s favourite blanket or toys. Important: don’t leave your cat any toys which it does not usually receive at they might cause an allergic reaction!

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