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    What are the dangers of letting my cat outdoors?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceWednesday 31 August 2011

    Your feline seems to you probably the most fragile thing in the world. You are not too eager to let your cat go outside but you shouldn’t be afraid of it. Cats have a survival mode that helps them to hide and survive. However, depending on your neighbourhood and place you live, there are several things you should bare in mind before letting out your feline.

    If you think that your cat does really want to have also an outdoor life, then you should allow it to do so. Cats are very curious animals and will enjoy exploring yards and garages or climb fences and trees. However, bear in mind that depending on the zone your live, letting your cat out might result dangerous… cars, thefts, wild animals, poisonous plants etc. There is also the weather factor. You should get your cat indoor every time the temperatures rise up or it is getting too cold.

    Cats living outdoors may also fight with raccoons or other cats, and can contract diseases that include rabies, roundworms, Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), feline distemper (FPV) or upper respiratory infections. An outdoor cat may sometimes be mistaken for a stray and end up in an animal shelter or taken in by someone else.

    Remember that all pets should be microchipped.

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