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    Training a Cat to Go Outside | Kitten Ads

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    It’s important to train a cat to go outside, even if you’re a little nervous at the prospect of your beloved pet disappearing around the local neighbourhood. Cats are independent animals, and will want to pique their curiosity every now and then by escaping into the great outdoors. Learn more about how to encourage a cat to leave the house in this guide.



    Tips on How to Train a Cat to Go Outside


    • First of all, you’ll need to install a cat flap into your house to allow your feline friend can easily enter and exit the house on a whim. Cat flaps can be easily installed in doors, windows and even walls – but it’s important to place it at a easily accessible level.

    • If possible, try and place the cat flap close to one of the cat’s favourite areas in the house. Cats are territorial by nature, so they’ll appreciate a quick escape route close to their ‘zone’ in the house.

    • If the idea of a cat flap seems like an unnecessary extra expense, leave a window slightly ajar. Of course, for security reasons it’s important to keep this window shut every time you leave the house.

    • Occasionally, a cat may seem a little reluctant to head outside. If this is the case, there are a couple of methods you can use to encourage the cat to leave the confines of the house. Use cat toys and favourite treats to gently coax the cat outside. If even this tactic fails to yield satisfactory results, use a string toy (in the shape of a mouse if possible) to capture the cat’s attention and lure it onto the doorstep. Try and avoid becoming frustrated; the cat may just need a little time to adjust to life outside.

    • Finally, don’t forget the other side of this training technique – it’s all very well guiding the cat outdoors, but you’ll want it to return safely home come bedtime. Therefore, you’ll need to think about training methods to entice the cat back indoors. If the cat seems reluctant to return inside, again try and use cat toys and treats until he relents. Training a cat to go outside is fairly simple, provided you are open minded in your approach to training techniques.
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