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    Top 5 Presents for Cats

    Articlegeneral cat adviceWednesday 05 December 2012

    What are you getting your cat for Christmas?

    Need some ideas? Here are our top 5 that you could get your cat. They vary in price and ease of access to cater for all.


    1. Treats

    Easy and inexpensive; treats are a great present… in moderation of course. They can be used to train your cat or just as a special something now and again. You are able to find these in pet stores or make your own as there are many recipes available.  

    2. Toys

    Some of the best and most entertaining toys for cats are toys, for example, containing feathers. This can provide lots of fun and amusement for you and your cat. Not only is it a great way to pass the time, but it will help you and your cat bond as the movement of the feathers is usually what is so memorising and thrilling.

    3. Scratching posts

    Scratching posts are essential. Cats need to make sure their claws don’t get too long and they do this by scratching. Providing a place for them to do this will not only help avoid your cat scratching at your sofa or curtains, but it is also a more efficient way. You can either get a simple solo scratching post, or upgrade to a wild tree scratch house which can contain beds and toys throughout.

    4. Bed

    A closed off bed is a good gift if your cat doesn’t already have one. Cat beds are very different from dog beds; cat beds are usually just contain a small hole for the cat to enter but other wise will be cover. This is because cats like their independence and need a space where they can be alone even when people are around. Therefore this is a great escape for the holidays.

    5. Water fountain

    Have you noticed that your cat becomes very interested when you start running the tap; how about getting your cat its own running water? This can be as an extra accessory or can replace its current water bowl. Running water often seems more appealing to cats by instinct. 


    Photo by Tim Samoff

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