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    Top 10 Presents for Cat Lovers

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 13 December 2012

    Anyone who has a friend or family member that is cat crazy, here is a list of a range of different gift ideas. The list varies and can be altered to fit all personalities for a present for Christmas or another holiday; it may even spark some ideas of what you might like for Christmas. 


    1. Books

    A book of either fiction or fact can be an interesting present. For example, how to books, or fiction stories are both great possible choices. Check out the best selling lists to see which books are leading the market at the moment.


    2. Mug

    Mugs come in all different designs and everyone uses them. You can paint one or buy one, but either way they are fun and can be given to anyone from a child to an adult. They are available in a wide collection of shops, ranging from mugs with 3D qualities of cat faces to artistic images of a variety of different scenes.


    3. Calendar

    We’ve all seen those calendars with the cute pictures of kittens filling page after page for each month. This could be a possible present for an adult or a child. There are many places to purchase this style of calendar. It is an inexpensive present, fun and thoughtful. 



    4. Doormat

    A nice doormat is a welcoming touch to any house. Ever heard of ‘the cat sat on the mat’ – make sure when you are finding your desired design that it is practical! This is very important because you want it to be a good gift!


    5. Christmas Decorations

    How about a cat ornament to hang on the tree? Or paw print lights to add a Christmassy touch to the living room? Christmas decorations are a great present as they can be used year after year, and the styles vary so vastly there is almost too much choice! 


    6. Jewellery

    A piece of jewellery is less obvious but makes a really nice gift. Jewellery can always make a nice present and to gear it towards a cat lover, some cat pendants are really beautiful. This option gives space for originality and enables you to personalise the gift.


    7. Stationary

    Writing paper or pens with cat patterns printed across them or small embellishments are a lovely present. This isn’t so much of a need so it’s a nice treat to give somebody. As well as this, a ‘create your own’ cat themed card set would be a great present for someone.


    8. Jumper

    There are some great fashion jumpers that you can find in many highstreet shops which have cat designs on them. The most common are on the front of the jumper or in a repeated pattern across the whole piece. These have been very popular and can be given as a good present for dog lovers as it is subtle and stylish. Or for more comfort, you could try a hoodie.


    9. PJs

    How about some stylish PJs? You can have fun with pyjamas because you and your loved ones are the only ones who see them. This means you can go crazy with cute cat patterns. Or even perhaps find a onesie with a similar pattern. This would be more aimed towards younger people, but who says you can’t have an adult onesie – no one will know.


    10. Picture Frames

    A photo frame is a lovely present. You have a couple of options here: you can either buy a frame with a design, such as a classic cat frame, or get a plain frame and personalise it by decorating it yourself, with cat face stamps or paw prints for example. This is lovely and easy to fit to someone’s personality. You can choose whether to add a photo or let them add their own.

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