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    Toilet Training Your Cat | Kitten Ads

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011
    Changing a cat’s litter tray is a task that surely nobody enjoys. As much as you like caring for your cat, clearing cat urine from a cat litter tray is never a fun activity. It is possible that a cat may never need to use a cat litter tray again if you toilet train a cat. Whilst cat toilet training may not sound a feasible idea, there is much proof that you can toilet train a cat to use toilets just like we do. There are videos and films that show cat toilet use, so as long as you have the patience it can be achieved. To learn how to toilet train a cat, read on.

    Move the Box

    Before you start cat toilet training, your cat must be using a kitty box rather than a cat’s litter tray. To begin to toilet train a cat, move the litter box nearer to your toilet. Gradually add height to the box so that it gets closer to the height of the toilet it is by.

    Replace the Box

    When the cat is used to this new system remove the litter box entirely. Replace it with a metal bowl that can sit in the toilet bowl properly. Leaving the seat down, put lots of litter in the bowl. The hope is that when you place your cat on the toilet he will realise this is where he needs to go to relieve his cat urine. The litter’s smell should indicate this. Show the cat where the feet should be on the toilet. Praise the cat. Once the cat has been, empty the cat urine out of the bowl straight away. From then on, gradually reduce the litter amount in the bowl.


    When your reach the stage that there is only a tiny amount of litter in the bowl, add a bit of water. The cat may not be pleased, but will hopefully start to see that it is alright. If the cat refuses to use the water bowl put a bit of litter in, and then try the same steps again.

    As you add more water day by day you will reach around 3 inches of water. If your cat is happy with this remove the bowl and see if he begins to use to the toilet. If he does then cat toilet training has been successful. If you have not managed to toilet train the cat, repeat the earlier steps until you have.

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