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    Taming a Cat | Kitten Ads

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011
    Taming a feral cat can be incredibly tricky. The prospect of taming a cat with aggressive tendencies can be daunting, but with a little patience and care, it’s a task that’s easily achievable. If you are looking for information on how to tame a cat, the guide below should answer many of your problems.

    Tips to Tame a Cat

    • First, you’ll need to have impressive reserves of patience to tame a cat more used to life in the wild – feral cats are unlikely to take too kindly to domesticated surroundings. However, with a little work, most cats can be made tame over time. Therefore, it’s best to take a gentle, step-by-step approach to domesticating a wild cat.

    • Always use the carrot, not the stick. Cats are naturally territorial animals, so you’ll need to do plenty to convince a cat that your companionship is worthwhile. Provide plenty of food – it’s the best way to a cat’s heart, especially when conditions are tough and food is scarce.

    • At first, it’s best to allow the cat to enjoy the food without announcing your presence, but after a couple of days, try and approach the cat with a saucer of milk. See how the cat responds. If it gladly accepts the milk, try and stroke it – but be on your guard, as the cat may react aggressively.

    • Always wear gloves and long-sleeved T-shirts when you try and handle the cat for the first time – otherwise if the cat strikes your arm you could be susceptible to a nasty bout of cat scratch fever. The cat may also prefer the ‘distance’ a layer between the two of you offers.

    • If you’re adopting a stray feral cat, another challenge is introducing the cat to indoor living. Adjusting to a restricted, domestic lifestyle can be challenging, especially for older cats. It’s best to domesticate the cat gradually – keep it within a zoned-off area at first until the cat begins to feel comfortable with its new routine. It’s never easy to tame a cat, but considering some of the basic steps above should help you with your cause.

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