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    Stopping Attention Seeking Kittens

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Owning kittens can come with a variety of different problems to deal with, one of the most common is attention seeking. This can be very challenging behaviour to overcome and to deal with but it is certainly possible. Read on to find out how to stop attention seeking in kittens.


    How to Stop Attention Seeking


    • The first thing you need to rule out with attention seeking kittens is that there is nothing medically wrong with the kitten. They may be exhibiting this sort of challenging behaviour because they are sick or at least have something that is bothering them. Make sure that the kittens don’t have fleas and take them to the vets for a thorough check up. Our Cat Illness Guide may help to spot the causes of this challenging behaviour.


    • Make sure that the kitten has access to plenty of food and water; kittens will start attention seeking if they are hungry or thirsty.


    • It may be the case that the cat is competing for your affections with another cat or animal. To rectify this sort of challenging behaviour, you need to make sure that the kitten in question is receiving attention, but not too much, to ensure that the kitten knows he can’t always get his own way. If the attention seeking gets too much and you know the kitten is healthy, fed etc. simply ignore it and eventually this challenging behaviour will stop.


    • Attention seeking is however a perfectly normal trait for kittens. The kitten is most likely missing its mother and wants you to comfort it. To form a bond with a new kitten, you need to make sure that the kitten receives plenty of attention from you to ensure that he feels he has a place.


    • It is not impossible that attention seeking is simply part of the personality of the kitten. Some kittens are happy to be independent but others crave human companionship throughout their lives and is actively attention seeking. This challenging behaviour will often abate somewhat over time as the cat ages.


    • The attention seeking behaviour may be coming out of boredom and the kitten simply wants to play. Try playing with the kitten more, cat toys are an excellent way of enriching the play time for the kittens. You can search for a lot of cat toys for sale on Kitten Ads.
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