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    Should you worry about your cat being in a cattery?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 15 July 2011

    Leaving a cat in the cattery is difficult because it is always hard to separate from the beloved feline. When leaving a cat in the cattery it is still more complicated as cat owners get nervous because  of other cats that are placed with their felines. Very often the cat owners are afraid that their kitten will get some disease or get injured because of other cats. 

    However, the main thing that can help you enjoy your holidays and leave your cat in the safe hands is simply make sure that the boarding service where you leave your cat is a good place for your feline. We have prepared many articles that can help you find the right cattery for your cat here. Following some simple steps you can be sure that you leave your cat in good hands! 

    Remember that a good cattery is clean and always ask to have the entire documentation and vaccination certificate up-to-date. It will be pleased to let you see round before you take your cat there and will make sure to get all the information about your cat (medications, nutrition requirements etc.). There are very strict regulations regarding the hygiene in catteries and boarding services to avoid the spread of disease so you should not worry about that. However, make sure that the cattery staff insists on an up to date inoculation card for your kitten.

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