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    Selling Cats - Top Tips

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Selling cats may be necessary if you have a litter that you know you cannot feasibly care for. Selling a cat may also be an eventuality if for some reason you can no longer look after your adult cat, and recognise that it could be cared for better elsewhere. Whatever your reason, see the following selling cat top tips for more advice.






    Perhaps the easiest and cheapest way of selling a cat is online. By placing a free ad on the internet you can be sure that buyers will see what you are selling. Adding pictures, and as much information as possible about the litter can really help when selling cats. This method is also helpful when it comes to having contact with buyers, as they can email you directly. Once your cats have been sold, your advert can be removed instantly, meaning no unnecessary calls from buyers after you have made your sale.



    Selling cats through print media is perhaps considered to be the more traditional way. However, this can be a preference for many people. Certain local publications will attract buyers from your area, which could mean a more reliable selection of viewers to your ad.


    Selling Cat Tips

    When selling a cat, it is important to know that the buyer is going to be responsible and caring for the animal. Where possible, you should talk to the buyer and get a sense of how much experience they have had with kittens in the past. You should also be wary of those who refuse to give you too many details about themselves. 

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