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    Preparing for New Kittens for Free

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    When you are due to take delivery of kittens for sale, there are things you need to do to make sure that the kitten is introduced into an environment that will allow him to settle in as well as possible. It is important for the continued mental cat health in your home that the introduction goes as smoothly as possible. The most important part when you buy kittens is to prepare the room in which they are going to live for the first few weeks of their new home. Read on to find out more about cat care in these first few weeks.


    Preparing For Cats for Sale


    • When you buy kittens for sale, you need to prepare a ‘safe room’ for them to live in for at least the first few weeks of being in their new home. This will give the kittens somewhere they know is safe and is essential to early cat care.


    • Make sure all the windows and doors are shut in the room you will be providing the early cat care in. Make sure that this room has a litter tray, a bed, food and water bowls and some toys. You can buy a range of cat accessories for sale on Kitten Ads.


    • When you bring kittens for sale home, it is an idea to keep a radio on low volume in safe room as this will get the kitten used to everyday noises of his new home.


    • Making some high spots available in the room may make new kittens for sale more comfortable as cats like to be at height so they can observe what is going on. An essential part of cat care is knowing something about their psychological makeup. Try and eliminate and small spaces that the cats for sale could hide. Instead, set up a box on its side or leave space under the bed for the new kittens for sale to hide.


    • If you are introducing new cats for sale, allow them to explore the room for an hour or so before entering and spending time with him. For kittens, do not leave them alone during this early stage of cat care until they are comfortable with you.


    • To maintain the cat’s health at this stage, make sure that you feed the new kittens for sale the same cat food they are used to avoid diarrhoea. For the first few times, especially with kittens ensure that only one person is in the room with the kitten.
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