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    Mixed Boarding Service Or Only For Kittens Cattery?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceMonday 23 May 2011

    There are many types of boarding services for pets. There are kennels for dogs and catteries for kittens. However, the large boarding centres might accept both: dogs and cats. It is definitely the best solution for everyone owing both of them as you can save a car journey and many often you might be offered special discounts.

    The boarding services not only offer a place to stay for your pets while you are away. It is also a great solution for everyone who wants to provide their cat (or dog) some fun and caring place to stay during the day.

    It all depends on you whether you choose a dog kennel or cattery only for kittens. If your cat isn’t used to spend time with other pets it’s definitely better no to leave him in a mixed boarding centre as it might result stressful for him.

    Whatever your choice will be, remember that all kennels and catteries are registered with their local council and have to be inspected and certified to be able to take residents.

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