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    Making Cat Collars

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    A good pet collar is important to have when you own a cat. Cat collars identify your pet. If the cat goes missing, a cat collar could be just the thing that brings him home to you. Cheap cat collars are available, but these can often be quite run-of-the-mill. Making your own cat collar means you can create a look for your cat that you want. See the following guide to making cheap cat collars so that your pet cat has a personalised and recognisable style.

    You Will Need:
    •    ½-inch leather trim
    •    Ice pick
    •    Small metal buckle
    •    Charms or rhinestones
    •    Needle and thread

    To start making your cat collar, take the leather trim and wrap it around the neck of your cat. Cut the trim so that there is about an inch and a half between the trim and the neck.

    The next step in making cat collars is to lay the trim flat on a surface. Now, from the left end, measure and mark an inch in. With your ice pick, poke a hole through this point. Then poke two more holes about half a centimetre away from each other from this original hole. This will make your pet collar adjustable.

    Place your buckle on the right end of the trim. Fold the end of the right end over the buckle. You should have a loop. Sew the end down with your needle and thread.

    Your cat collar is now ready to be used. To make a fancier pet collar, you could glue or sew rhinestones and charms onto it. This allows you to make cat collars that are unique and stylish.

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