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    Kittens - Walking Your Kitten

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Pet walking is not often associated with cats, however kitten walking could be an option for some circumstances. Cats are extremely active creatures and need plenty of exercise to keep healthy and happy. If you live in an area that is not suitable for letting kittens out and about, you may have to consider pet walking. See the following guide on how to walk a cat with a harness for more information.


    • Walking a cat in a controlled way ensures that your pet gets exercise and is kept protected by you. This can be achieved by kitten walking with a harness around your garden. However, this must be done in a certain way.


    • Kitten walking with a harness should be introduced to the cat as early as possible. Cats will not take to a harness later in life and it will be extremely difficult to get them to wear and accept it. However, if you start at an early age, the kitten will become used to wearing the harness and pet walking.


    • To introduce the harness to kittens, start by putting it on him and getting him used to it around the house for several days. Only attach the lead to the harness when you are certain that the kitten is comfortable with wearing the harness in the house.


    • When your cat has accepted both the harness and lead you can then take him outside in the garden for his walk. Make sure that the cat has some form of identification (like a cat collar) attached to him so that if he manages to escape, he can be found. 
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