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    Kittens For Sale - Kitten Facts

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Kittens for sale need different levels of cat care than a full grown feline. One of the major issues when it comes to kittens for sale is that they are much more prone to medical and health conditions than an adult cat would be. Even at 6-8 weeks old, the age in which kittens for sale go to their new home, special cat care is still required as their immune system is still not fully developed. Read on to find out more facts about cat care and cats for sale.


    Cat Care – The Facts


    • Generally, cats age 4 years to every 1 human year and it is generally expected that nowadays, with correct cat care, kittens for sale can live for 20 years.


    • Kittens for sale will grow the most during the first year of their life, in which they will approximately double in size. When buying kittens for sale, it is fairly easy to know how old they are but older cats for sale can be tougher to accurately age, a good way of aging older cats for sale is by the length of their whiskers. You can buy cats for sale of all ages as well as cat accessories and cat supplies on Kitten ads.


    • The reason kittens for sale cannot leave their mother for the first six weeks of their lives is because it takes this long to wean then from their mother’s milk. Providing cat care for kittens for sale under this age is very time consuming and risky. Providing cat care at this age is best left to experienced cat breeders.


    • Once kittens for sale have been weaned off their mother’s milk, they become lactose intolerant so it as an important part of cat care to ensure that a cat’s diet does not contain lactose.


    • When buying kittens for sale, remember that kittens cannot have dry food until they are at least 2 months old. Up until this time, cats for sale should be fed on special kitten food. Cats of all ages cannot eat grapes or chocolate and an essential part of cat care is to ensure that kittens and cats for sale do not eat things that are dangerous.


    • Kittens for sale are prone to infection around the time of being weaned from their mother’s milk. At this age, kittens for sale are not getting the immunity from infection they were from their mother’s milk.
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