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    Kittens for Sale - Different Cat Characters

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Cat character is a major deciding factor for many when they buy kittens. All kittens for sale will display a range of personalities, so choosing the right one for your own situation is advisable. See the following advice outlining the choice of characters when you buy a kitten.




    Cat Character Explained

    The personality of kittens for sale can be shaped and affected by a number of things including:

    • Inherited traits
    • Early experiences with its mother
    • Litter mates or humans
    • His environment


    If the character of your pet is important to you then it is probably best to buy a kitten that needs re-homing. This way, you can find out from the current owner what the cat is like. When you buy kittens that have just been born, it really is luck of the draw as to how the cat will behave later on.


    Independent Cats for Sale

    This cat character can also be referred to as the ‘latchkey cat’ as he will roam around wherever he pleases and spend lots of time away from home. Human company is liked to an extent by these kinds of kittens for sale, but they do not like to get too close. Independent cats for sale suit those who are out from the house most of the day, have young children to look after or have a dog.


    Lap Cats

    These sorts of kittens for sale like to be at home and will only venture outside from time to time. They love their owners’ attention and affection and are great for companionship or in families. They prefer owners to be at home with them, but can be just as happy with a dog or cat for company.


    Dependant Cats

    This cat character loves to be around humans and misses them when they are not around. Often, this sort of cat will meow when the owner is not in the room with them and they will follow you around the house. When the owner is not at home, the cat gets sad and begins to pine. These cats are suitable for homes where there will always be someone around to be with them. 

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