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    Kittens For Sale: Choosing Kitten Toys

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Cats are intelligent, curious and playful so you will find that they will always need cat toys to keep them entertained. Not all cat toys will appeal or be safe for cats. This guide on cat toys will give you some advice on how to choose cat accessories and toys for cats of different ages. 


    Choosing Cat Toys

    1. Firstly you should always think about the safety of your cat when you are selecting toys; this is particularly important when you are choosing kitten toys. 


    2. Decorations should not be glued or sewn on if they can come off and be accidentally swallowed. 


    3. You will need to make sure long, dangly pieces are big enough not to be swallowed. 


    4. If your cat or kitten does swallow a long string like toy component and you notice it hanging or sticking to the cat’s bottom then you should not pull it out as this can cause severe or even fatal damage. Always take your cat to the vet in this circumstance. 


    5. To choose cat toys that your pet enjoys you should watch what your cat like to do. Does your cat like to pounce, stalk, roll around etc. look for cat toys that match your cats playing style. 


    6. You should also consider textures, odour, size, shape and sounds the toy makes. 


    7. Cats need both mental and physical stimulation whatever their age. Try toys that disperse treats when manipulated as this is a good way to combine both. 


    8. If you would like to play along with your cat then you can buy some toys that also require your input. These cat toys include items like the fishing rod where you can wiggle, drag and hop objects about for your cat to chase. 


    9. Little furry mice can be favourites among cats because they look and feel like real ones. 


    10. You shouldn’t forget cat furniture such as a scratching post. These are not just luxuries, your cat needs to climb, perch and hide. You should make sure the cat furniture has some climbing places and shelves. 


    11. You could consider buying two kittens for sale instead of one. You will need to be aware of the responsibility but two cats can be better than one because they will play together and keep each other amused. 


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