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    Kittens 4 Sale - Cat House

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    When you think about buying kittens 4 sale you often forget all the alterations you need to do to your house before the kitten arrives. From your kittens point of view the perfect cat house would be one that always has things to keep his interest. This is particularly important if you are thinking of having a house cat and not letting him outdoors.


    Perfect Cat House


    Bed – You cannot be sure that your kittens for sale will sleep in the cat bed you choose but it is important that your cat has somewhere warm where he can sleep without being disturbed.


    High Spots – You should make some high spots for your cat which are safe and accessible. This might be on a desk, shelf or chest where your cat can sit up off the floor and feel safe if he is nervous.


    Toys and Scratchers – If you are going to buy kittens 4 sale you need to invest in some toys and cat scratching posts. These toys and posts will give your kitten something interesting to do and act out some natural behaviour.


    Bowls – Clean bowls with fresh water should be available for your kitten at all times. 


    Litter Tray – You should have a litter tray which is always clean and fresh.


    Cat Flap – You can get all sorts of cat flaps from the basic lockable ones to cat flaps with inbuilt microchips which will only let your cat through.


    Grass – You should provide your kitten with grass if you do not let him outside. Cats need grass to help with their digestion and if the cat is prone to hairballs grass helps them vomit them up.



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