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    Kitten Communication Guide

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Considering one of the many kittens for sale on Kitten Ads? Cats are very intelligent animals, and will use several methods to communicate with their owner and other animals.

    If you want to buy kittens, the guide below will help you to learn common cat communication skills.


    Cats for Sale: Communication Tips

    1.    Scent is arguably the most important form of communication for cats – particularly as a means of marking territory. Cats will rub, spray and claw items around the house, and this is often simply a marker to other animals or household pets over the cat’s domain – a message to inform others not to invade this personal space. You shouldn’t be concerned about this area of cat behaviour, as it’s perfectly common, although there are steps you can take to stop a cat scratching and spraying.

    2.    Rubbing is often the most common form of communication, and it can be explained by the scent glands that are found under particular areas of the cat’s body – under the chin, on the forehead and the spot where the tail meets the back. He will use these glands to mark his presence – and that can explain a cat’s affection, shown via rubbing, when a rival cat tries to intrude on his territory. Introducing a kitten to other cats can be a tricky situation, so click the link provided to learn more about how to approach the process.

    3.    Owners sometimes believe a cat spraying is an indication of declining cat health, but this is rarely the case – it’s in fact an important form of communication. A cat spraying urine on certain objects may seem an undesirable trait, but it’s simply a means of leaving a more permanent territorial mark in an area that the cat favours. Similarly, scratching again relates to territory, with scent glands in the cat’s paws. Learn how to stop a cat scratching by clicking the link provided.

    4.    One question first time cat owners often ask is over whether cats can actually communicate vocally – in essence, does a miaow actually mean anything? Well, in fact research suggests it can – kittens will miaow to get the mother’s (or owner’s) attention. Cats are extremely intelligent and will try to engage their owner’s attention fully by shifting tone to demonstrate their level of need. When you buy kittens, it's important to listen to miaowing closely.

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