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    Kitten Body Language Guide

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    After buying cats for sale you will gradually get to know your pet and how it behaves. However, there will be times where you will not be able to recognise what the cat is trying to communicate to you through its body language. By not understanding the cat you could be risking his happiness and cat health. This guide will show you just what your cat is expressing with its body so that you can care for new kittens for sale effectively and avoid any potential personality clashes.


    Kittens for Sale – Relaxed Body

    • A cat is relaxed when his eyes are half open and blinking
    • The ears face out a little and are upright
    • The tail will be low or flat on the floor
    • A relaxed and calm body



    • The eyes will be open and wide
    • Ears are upright and face in the direction of whatever the cat is interested in
    • The tail is up high, curled forward and could be waving gently
    • The body is relaxed but facing the object


    Buy Kittens – Hunting Position

    • Eyes are open and staring
    • Ears are aimed right at the prey
    • The tail is low and straight and could be twitching
    • The body is also very low to the floor and has slow movements


    Defensive Cats for Sale

    • Eyes are wide open and may not be in contact with yours
    • Ears are flattened and point to the floor
    • The tail is either tucked in or low down
    • The cat’s back will be arched and he will hiss. This is designed to put the attacker off.



    • The pupils of the eyes will be narrow and staring
    • Ears point at the victim and then will move back just prior to the attack
    • The tail is low, bristled and flicks from one side to the other
    • Aggressive cats will move in the direction of their victim looking purposeful.
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