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    Keeping Kittens Busy

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Cat care often requires you to make sure that kittens use up their energy effectively. Many kittens have energy bursts a few times a day and need to burn this off for their own good, and yours. If you are considering kittens for sale, it is important to remember that when they are young they need particular attention in order to keep them occupied. See the following cat care guide to keeping your kitten busy without him attacking you, your house and your belongings!

    •    Once you have bought kittens for sale, you need to start thinking about how best to keep them occupied and happy. Left to their own devices, kittens can cause plenty of damage when bored.

    •    Start, by arranging some cardboard boxes on their sides close to each other. Your kitten should be able to crawl in and out of them.

    •    Now, put a blanket on top of the boxes, and one on the floor. Kittens love playing in these sorts of settings.

    •    Then, hide some treats in the boxes and scatter more around the area.

    •    Take your kitten to the play area and place them in a box. The kitten will soon begin to play about and search for those delicious treats.

    •    Kittens will find plenty of entertainment time with these few simple items. You can join in or leave the kitten to enjoy.

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