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    Introducing Yourself to Your Kitten

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Buying a kitten is an exciting time for everyone concerned; the kitten however could well find the whole experience overwhelming so it is important to do certain things that will allow you to bond with the kitten. Read this guide to find out about introducing a kitten into a new house.


    How to Introduce a Kitten


    • The first step is to get kittens acquainted and friendly with you, make sure that you spend a lot of time with the kitten and play with it so that is associates you with fun. Massaging the kitten and giving him the occasional treat is the best way to form a bond with a new kitten. When introducing a kitten, allow the introduction to move at the kitten’s pace.


    • When it comes to raising a kitten, the early weeks are vital in setting the kitten’s personality so make sure you are not too rough or too forward and make the entire experience enjoyable for the kitten. If the kitten associates you with food, you are likely to form a good relationship. Our guide to forming a bond with a kitten will be very helpful.


    • When you introduce your new kitten to your home, keep the kitten in one room for a while so it gets used to it’s new surroundings. Make sure that the kitten’s bed, food bowl, litter tray and water bowl are in there. You can search for all these cat accessories for sale on Kitten Ads. It is also important when introducing a kitten to your house to spend plenty of time with him in this room.


    • Once you feel your kitten is comfortable with his room, it is time to allow him the use of the rest of the house. The chances are, when you introduce a kitten to the house that he will explore for a bit and return to the same room, where he feels safe.


    • If you have other pets in the house, especially cats, the process of introducing a kitten can be much trickier. Our guide for Introducing a Kitten to a Cat will be helpful. Remember when introducing a kitten, to always allow him a safe place to go.
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