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    Introducing Kittens To Dogs

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    By far the best time to introduce two animals such as kittens and dogs to each other is when they are both young, puppies should be younger than 12 weeks old and kittens less than 7 weeks old. It may be the case however that you have to introduce new kittens to an older dog, provided you follow these steps, you shouldn’t have any problems with cat behaviour and cat care when introducing a kitten to a dog. Read on to find out more.


    Introduce the Kitten


    • Generally, introducing kittens to adult dogs is much easier than introducing a puppy to an adult cat. The dog is unlikely to see the kitten as a threat and a normal part of cat behaviour is to get attached to the adult dog. An adult cat may perceive a puppy as threat and begin marking its territory; this is normal cat behaviour.


    • When introducing dogs to kittens, remember that it is in a dog’s instinct to chase things that move and you should provide the correct cat care to kittens to ensure this doesn’t happen. Keep the dog on a lead for the first few meetings.


    • During the first few introductions between kittens and dogs, keep the dog on a lead and monitor both animals closely. With kittens, you main focus should be keeping them safe. Conduct several meetings over several weeks to allow the kittens and dogs to get used to each other and help to avoid any unwanted cat behaviour. For more advice, you can ask for advice from cat breeders.


    • You need to make sure that any meetings between the kitten and the dog are made positive in the dogs mind. Make sure you provide plenty of treats and praise when the dog reacts correctly to the kitten and the cat behaviour. If the dog reacts to the kitten in an unsatisfactory way, give an immediate and sharp No!


    • When introducing new kittens for sale to the household try and avoid letting a dog have free roam of the house and provide a room that is inaccessible to the dog where the kitten has its own sleeping, eating and elimination place. Providing the kitten somewhere to retreat to is essential cat care. It is best if you allow the kittens and the dog to still be able to smell each other. Kittens will benefit from having their own bed, you can buy cat beds for sale and other cat accessories for sale on Kitten Ads.


    • Both the dog and the kitten will need their own space, make sure they are groomed separately so they get equal attention and groom the kittens and dog in private.


    • You should allow the kitten to swat the dog (within reason) as this is completely normal cat behaviour and helps to establish boundaries.


    • Make sure you don’t leave kittens alone with a dog as a dog can easily kill them with one bite. Don’t be too surprised if kittens and dogs never really bond.


    • Consider how you predict your dog will react before you buy kittens for sale. If you still wish to, you can search hundreds of adverts for kittens for sale on Kitten Ads.
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