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    Introducing a New Cat to Other Cats

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011
    Cats are extremely territorial creatures – especially when it comes to the family home. Domesticated cats will do everything they can to mark their personal space. If you’re thinking about introducing a new cat to older cats, the advice below may help.

    How to Introduce a New Cat to Other Cats

    • The purpose of this exercise is make the meeting between the new cat and old cat as seamless as possible. As we’ve touched on above, this is never easy due to the territorial nature of cats, but with a little inspired planning, the transition and adjustment period for the other house cats can be made hassle-free.

    • In the days leading up to the new cat’s arrival, ensure all other cats in the house are showered with plenty of attention. Jealousy and envy may cause the other cats to become hostile to the new cat – so make sure its introduction does not seem out of the ordinary by sharing your affection with all cats.

    • Allow the older cats to retain their sense of territory – if you’re buying new toys, a scratching post and a fresh litter tray for the new cat, make sure you place them in an area of the house the other cats frequent less often, so the new cat does not invade the personal space of the other cats.

    • Avoid allowing the new cat the freedom of the house in the first few days – it’s best to monitor its movements closely and keep it within an enclosed environment. The cat should be kept within one area of the house for the first couple of days to adapt to his new surroundings and to allow other cats in the house to adjust to his presence.

    • Cats have a strong sense of smell, so allow the new cat and the old cat time to adapt to the smell of a fellow cat – without allowing them to get too close to one another. As soon as the other cats begin to accept the new cat is here to stay, the hostility between them should begin to subside.

    • After a couple of days, the cats will begin to become accustomed to one another. At this stage, try and engage the cats in a couple of games – this should help the cats bond further.

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