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    Introducing a Kitten to an Older Cat | Kitten Ads

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011
    Introducing a new kitten to other cats can be a tricky challenge for any cat owner. The old family cat may naturally be a little suspicious of the new arrival, especially when it comes to the kitten invading his own personal space. However, it’s important to face this quandary as quickly as possible when you’re introducing the kitten to the family home. This guide offers handy tips and advice on how to introduce a new kitten to other cats.

    Introducing a New Kitten to Old Cats

    • When you introduce a new kitten to the old family cat, it’s important to have a sense of perspective. The territorial nature of cats means it’s only natural that the older cat is not exactly going to be overly enthusiastic about a rival inhabiting the personal space he used to enjoy without interruption. Therefore, be realistic about the first time the two meet – it may well be an uneasy occasion. However, it’s also worth stating that in some cases, the family cat may welcome a companion – provided he still has the same amount of access to food, water, milk and, of course, your affection.

    • If you’re a little anxious about the cat’s reaction to the kitten, allow them to view one another from a distance. The older cat may be a little more willing to accept the new kitten if given time to accept the kitten’s presence. As soon as it seems appropriate, bring the two together in one room – preferably in separate areas – and monitor the behaviour of both.

    • The kitten’s litter tray and bedding should be kept in a separate area to the family cat – both will appreciate having their own territory, and the older cat may become aggressive if it spots the kitten inhabiting what it sees as its personal terrain. As time develops and the cats begin to interact, you may be able to withdraw one of the litter trays, but in the early stages of this tense relationship, it’s best to place two trays down to keep both cats happy.

    • Finally, avoid jealousy by lavishing both the kitten and family cat with plenty of attention, both individually and together. Although it’s a natural instinct to pamper the new kitten with praise, an older cat will still expect to hold first place in your affections. Therefore, put time aside to treat both cats equally – this may even help the new kitten bond with the old cat as any envy is put aside. It’s never easy to introduce a new kitten to old cats but there are steps you can take to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

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