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    Introducing a Kitten to a New Cat

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011
    It can be very tricky to introduce a new pet kitten into a home that a cat already has the run of. This is even harder if the cat has been the only pet in the house for a while. Cats are very territorial and the process must be carried out slowly to avoid giving both cats problems. This guide outlines some of the cat training you should use when introducing a pet kitten into a household.

    Cat Training

    • You need to be patient with both the existing cat and the new pet kitten as they will both be nervous. The best way to avoid any cat problems is to set aside a separate room in the house and keep the kitten in there for at least a few days, if not weeks. Make sure that both cats can smell each other but can’t get to each other. The existing cat will get used to the pet kitten’s presence after a while.

    • To go further with this aspect of the cat training, you can rub the new pet kitten down with a dry cloth or towel and leave it so that the existing cat can smell it. Use the same cloth and do the same with the existing cat, they will both get used to each other’s smell without having to initiate a confrontation.

    • After a week or so, it is time to move the cat training on and introduce the cat to the new pet kitten. It is important that you are in the room in case of a fight. It is important not do conduct the meeting in the room you have been keeping the pet kitten in as it will need to feel it has a safe place to go. If such cat problems as a fight arise, wait for a few days before you introduce them again.

    • You will probably have to repeat the previous step of cat training several times before the cat becomes truly accepting of the new pet kitten. It is important not to punish the existing cat for growling or hissing, only fighting. The first few meetings with the pet kitten should be kept short and then steadily increased. It is important to let them smell each other and after they have got over the initial introduction, they will be curious of each other.

    Tips & Advice

    • Make sure that you give equal attention to the cat and the pet kitten. It is also important not to leave the kitten alone for long periods of time as they need love and attention.

    • To Begin with, give them separate water, food and litter trays. They will probably never share a food bowl but over time they may share litter trays and water bowls.

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