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    Identifying Bengal Kittens

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Bengal cats are a distinctive domestic short haired cat breed. A Bengal cat inherited its spotty patterned coat from the Asian Leopard cat which is found in Central Asia. Bengal kittens make friendly and affectionate pets while they maintain an exotic look. Identifying Bengal kittens for sale is quite easy because they are so distinctive but this guide will help you with the basic information needed to identify a Bengal cat.


    Bengal Cat – Characteristics 

    • The Bengal cat is medium size and quite a muscular cat breed. 


    • The hindquarters of a Bengal cat are slightly higher than their shoulders. 


    • Because of the height of the hindquarters in comparison with the shoulders the Bengal cat has quite a predatory stance. 


    • Bengal kittens have large feet for their size and they are round in shape. 


    • The tail of the Bengal cat is thick and tapers at the end. 


    • The head of the Bengal cat is small in comparison with its thick neck. 


    • Bengal kittens have broad muzzles and their cheekbones and whisker pads are high. 


    • Bengal kittens eyes are large and oval in shape. 


    • You will also notice that Bengal kittens for sale have small rounded ears which make the cat look wild. 


    • The rich texture and markings of the coat make the Bengal cat one of the most exotic domestic cat breeds. 


    • You can buy a cat in a range of colours from browns, blacks and whites. 


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