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    Hypoallergenic Cats - Do They Exist?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Many people would love to own kittens, but sadly severe allergies often put paid to that dream. Many cat lovers have wondered whether hypoallergenic cats are currently available on the market, and although progress suggests that hypoallergenic kittens will one day be common, currently there are no ‘official’ hypoallergenic breeds available on the market.

    However, there are some cat breeds that tend to minimise the potential for allergic reactions to occur, as the guide below considers. You can also find details of how to cope if a member of the family is allergic to cats.




    Kittens and Allergies: What to Consider

    1.    As mentioned above, experts are divided over whether scientific progress has come far enough to produce hypoallergenic kittens. Although some breeds are more likely to provoke a reaction in a sufferer than others, studies into this delicate subject matter have not yet come to a common consensus over whether hypoallergenic cats truly exist.

    2.    However, there are two breeds that often stand out as ‘naturally’ hypoallergenic. Russian Blue cats and Siberian cats are often cited as being the cats best suited to a family environment where someone may suffer from a mild allergy. However, no research has determined definitively whether these two breeds are truly hypoallergenic.

    3.    Some cat breeds lack the normal layers of cat fur, and therefore are relatively suited to mild sufferers. Popular limited fur breeds include LaPerm, Sphynx, the Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex. However, you may need to carry out some further enquiries with an expert breeder to discover how much fur these cats will shed throughout the year, and consult with your GP as to whether any health issues could arise from owning a cat.

    4.    Finally, if you are in the unfortunate position of cat lover and allergy sufferer, it may be best for your long term health to consider other pets. There are a number of hypoallergenic dogs available on the market – US President Barack Obama is the owner of one such animal, or if you’re happy to consider something a little more exotic, reptiles can often be a fascinating family pet.

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