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    How to Wash Your Cat | Kitten Ads

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011
    Cats do not like to get wet so try to minimise the amount you bath a cat. Cleaning a cat is not that essential because they have very good personal hygiene. If your cat is a house cat that lives indoors only then you won’t need to bath it hardly ever. This article will give you some pointers on how to clean a cat when it really needs it.

    Cleaning a Cat – Instructions

  • Remember that cats self groom all the time so whatever ends up on their fur will be ingested into their stomach. If your cat gets into anything sticky, greasy or unidentifiable then it is time to bath your cat.

  • For cleaning a kitten the kitchen sink is perfect but for a fully grown cat then you should use the bath.

  • Do not use a shower when cleaning a cat because the falling water will scare them.

  • Gather all the things you will need to clean your cat before you begin. Having a second pair of hands to help out is always invaluable as an unhappy, soggy cat can be hard to handle.

  • You will need to use cat or baby shampoo. Never use dog or human shampoo on a cat because it is too strong.

  • Fill the bath with a few inches of warm water. The temperature should be the same for a cat as you would use to wash a child or baby.

  • Use a cup to collect water and wet down your cat.

  • Lather up the shampoo and work your way all over the cat. Do not get shampoo in the cat’s eyes or get the head of your cat too wet as it will become scared.

  • To calm your cat down you should talk to him calmly throughout the bathing process.

  • Rinse out the shampoo well until the water runs clear off his back and then you can get ready to dry.

  • Use a big fluffy towel to dry the cat as quickly as possible because they hate being wet so much. Most cats hate hair dryers but if your pet doesn’t mind the noise then you can speed up the process by blow drying.

  • Remember to give your cat a treat at the end of this watery ordeal so they aren’t so bothered about it next time.

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