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    How to travel with your cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceWednesday 22 June 2011

    Most of the cats do not enjoy travel as they prefer to stay in the environment they know well. Removing cat from its secure place might cause your kitten a lot of stress and anxiety. Although there are many different breeds of cats and each cat has its own character, you should bare in mind that all the cats get easily scared by loud noises, cars, strangers so if you have a possibility to avoid moving your feline from its environment you’d better do so.

    Forget about a cat basket as from your cat’s point of view it usually ends up at the vets. In the summer there is also a danger of lack of ventilation and overheating. You should not let a cat outside in a new environment unless on a lead. It might run off in a panic as soon as it spots something weird. The perfect thing would be to spray the inside of the car/carrier with synthetic feline facial pheromones (Feliway) about 30 minutes before you are due to travel.

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