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    How to transport your cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 09 June 2011

    If your cat is an anxious traveller you might need to speak with the vet in order to get some mild sedative. However, we provide you with some timps on how to travel with your kitten and make it safe journey...

    Feed your pet as normal but make sure that the mealtime is at least 2-3 hours before travelling. You should remember to transport your cat in a safe container (a cat basket or carrier) – you wouldn’t like your kitten to get injured and if it gets nervous it might start disturbing you while driving! Make sure you secure a carrier or a basket with the seat belt. Another trick to have a safe journey is to spray the inside of the cat carrier with synthetic feline facial pheromones available from your vet before you place your cat inside.

    You should be very careful during hot summer days and make sure that the car is well ventilated. Remember not to leave your pet inside a hot car!

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