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    How to transport cats by plane?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 22 July 2011

    If you have decided to take your cat with you on holidays and you are going to travel by plane, remember to make all the necessary arrangements in order to enjoy your holidays from the beginning. Although many airlines allow pets to travel with their owners you should check all the requirements before coming to the airport.

    If you have already found an accommodation that admits pets, search for the international requirements at least 3 months before leaving as many countries require animals to be inoculated two months prior to departure. If you are planning an international trip, you probably need to have your feline micro-chipped with an identification chip. You should also check the container requirements – generally, you will have to purchase a lockable hard sided plastic container with holes on all four sides. Remember that it must be large enough for your pet to be able to stand up and turn around. Pet carrier for the passenger zone will have to fit below the seat in front of you. Remember that the cat carrier must be properly labelled with your identification and final destination information.

    Remember to make sure that all the vaccinations are up-to-date and that you have all the documents necessary to travel with your cat. Double check all the security screening procedures at departure airport, and at other airports you plan to visit. Be prepared to remove the animal from the container during screening.

    It’s good to always reconfirm with your airline 48 hours before departure that you will be bringing animals and arrive at the airport 3 or 4 hours earlier in case there are any last-minute problems.

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