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    How to train your cat to do tricks?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceWednesday 31 August 2011

    Cats are generally very difficult to be taught tricks; however, it is not impossible. Cats are very intelligent animals. Below you can find some of the ways on how to train your cat to do tricks. 

    The main thing to understand how to do it is to bear in mind that to train cats to do tricks, you must give something to them. Whereas dogs tend to please their masters, cats need to get something out of the game. You should prepare something really special what makes your cat crazy to get it. Treats may vary depending on your cat’s preferences. Then… have a lot of patience! 

    If you would like to teach your cat how to sit you should first put your treats where you can easily reach it but the cat can’t. Sit cross-legged and face your cat. As your cat stands before you, say sit. Keep repeating this while putting light pressure on him to induce him to sit. If he sits give him a treat to encourage it to play more! Keep repeating the command until your cat gets used to it. Another trick is to ask your cat to come. Command your cat to do what he usually wants to do, like get the treat or a favorite toy from you. Keep repeating the command “come here”. 

    You can try many comments using the same method for all of them. Giving a treat to your cat helps to train them.

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