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    How to toilet train your cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 30 September 2011

    Although there is no age limit for toilet-training, the younger the kitten is the better results you get. Kittens are the most receptive and are able to learn easily and fast. Older cats that are one or three years old are still quite easy to train though they will require more of your patience. You should not worry about your cats' age as in training it's all about your feline's personality, intelligence and your persistence. The cats that are over 3 years old are quite more difficult to train but it definitely depends on its temperament as well. If your cat is receptive to communication, likes to spend time with you and follows your commends easily then you should keep on trying. Please read the article below in order to get some useful tips on how to toilet train your cat.

    Once you decide to train your cat, remember to be patient. Never push your cat to the limits. Take your time, plan the training in easy stages so your cat hardly notice that something is going on. Bare in mind the age and size of your cat. If you decide to train a very elderly cat, you may need to make some adjustments such as providing steps up to the toilet if your cat has trouble jumping that high. Once you make all the necessary changes, move the cat's litter box next to the toilet and leave it there for about a day or two. Gradually raise the litter box up by placing something under it (for example: old books or catalogues). Repeat it daily until the box is of equal height to the toilet and keep on taking a little big of the litter out of it. Remember to secure the litter box so your cat do not slip when it jumps onto it. When you remove almost all the litter, replace the litter box with a training box that can hold your cat's weight. Lift the toilet seat and tape a piece of wax paper over the hole so that the toilet looks like a drum. Lower the seat over the wax paper and add flushable litter.Lift the toilet seat and tape a bowl or aluminum pan to the edges. Put the seat down so that it holds the bowl in place. Remember to add flushable litter.

    In order to get your cat use only the toilet, cut a whole about one inch ain diameter in the centre and gradually increase the size of it until it's completely gone. If you're using a training seat, remove the rings (only one at a time). This is done to gradually get the cat used to urinating or defecating into water. Simultaneously, no matter which method you're using, reduce the amount of litter so that there is no litter when the paper, bowl, or device is removed.

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