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    How to Tell if a Cat is Male or Female | KittenAds

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011
    All pet owners will need to sex a cat to find out whether they have a male cat or a female cat. Some people may prefer to have a boy cat, while others prefer the personality of a girl cat. It can be tricky to determine the cat’s gender, especially if a male is neutered. For tips on how to sex a cat correctly and easily, see below.

    • First, put your cat on a table. Position it so that the head is pointing away from you. It will be preferable for the cat to be at your eye level as you will be looking under the tail of the cat.

    • The next stage when you want to sex a cat is to lift up the tail and find the anus. Look out for an extra opening beneath the anus. This should be edging towards the stomach. Both a male cat and a female cat will have this hole. Depending on where it is will normally help you to determine whether you have a boy cat or a girl cat.

    • Inspect this area and look for testicles. Two bumps should be noticeable if your cat is more than 6 weeks old and has not been neutered. This will mean you have a male cat. Do not be alarmed if you only see one bump. This is perfectly normal and just means that the boy cat has not got fully descended testicles yet.

    • If you do not see any bumps then it is likely you have a girl cat. The opening besides the anus will be shaped as a vertical slit. It will be located right beneath the anus. The two openings for a female cat should appear like an upside-down exclamation mark.

    • The tips of a male cat’s penis will be found around half an inch beneath the anus. It should be in a round opening.

    • If you are still unsure, get your vet to sex a cat.
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