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    How To Tell a Male Cat By a Female Cat

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    If you have owned your pet cat from a young age you will know whether it is a boy cat or a girl cat. It may be the case however that you have found or adopted the cat and will want to know what sex it is. You will need to know the sex of the cat to name it and some people prefer the temperament of a male cat over a female cat and vice versa. The process to sex a cat can become even harder if the male has been neutered but it can be done, this guide outlines how to sex a cat.

    Sex a Cat

    •    To properly sex a cat you will need put the animal or a table or worktop and orientate it so the head is away from you. To tell a male cat from a female cat, you will need to examine the area under the tail so it may be best to place the cat at eye level.

    •    To tell a boy cat from a girl cat, you will need to lift up the cat’s tail and locate the anus and look for another opening that is just below. A male cat and a female cat will have this but it is the positioning of the opening that is used to sex a cat.

    •    You should observe this area of the cat for testicles but this is only useful if the cat is over six weeks old and not neutered. If this is the case, two noticeable bumps will be visible on a male cat. A male cat may only have one visible testicle so if you see one lump; it is probably still a boy cat.

    •    If you cannot identify the testicles you should look for the opening that identifies a female cat. This will be shaped like a vertical slit and it will be directly below the anus. These two openings in a female cat will resemble an upside down exclamation mark. If it is a male cat, the end of the penis will be located roughly half an inch underneath the anus.

    •    It may be the case that neither of these proves conclusive and you still cannot tell whether you have a boy cat or a girl cat. The genitals of the cat will often be covered in fur which will not help.

    •    Take the cat to the vet if you are unsure as they will easily be able to sex a cat and whether it has been neutered if it is a male cat or spayed if it is a female cat. This can be important information because an unspayed female cat is at much higher risk of breast cancer and uterine infections while an unneutered male cat will start spraying around the house.

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