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    How to Tell a Cat Off

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    Cats unlike dogs do not need to have lessons in obedience to have good manners. If you have consistent rules and techniques that you follow in your house then you should have a well behaved cat. This doesn’t always happen however and when you start getting cat problems you will find out that bad cats can cause havoc in your home. If you are trying to stop bad cat behaviour and are having problems this article should help you to stop your naughty cats from ruling your home and put you back in charge. 



    Bad Cat Behaviour – How to Stop Bad Cat Problems 

    Scratching, Biting and Hissing – You just need to say “no” and stop stroking your cat if it becomes aggressive. If you see your cat being aggressive leave him alone. Reward the cat when it shows good behaviour and a gentle nature. If you notice that the cat is being aggressive because of illness then you should take it to a vet immediately. 

    Begging – Feed that cat before you eat yourself. Cats like to sleep after they have eaten so this should relax your cat. You must never feed a cat from the dinner table because it will beg, if you notice a naughty cat begging then you should ignore it or say “no” firmly. 

    Bringing Dead Animals Inside – This isn’t a difficult cat problem to sort out. You should be considerate and understand that it is a cat’s instinct to hunt to survive. There are ways of minimising the problem however you can avoid having a bird house or seeds in your garden. Try playing with your cat so that it begins to enjoy other forms of exercise. 

    Caterwauling – If you want to avoid your cat calling out for affection then the best way out of this is to have it spayed or neutered. You should provide the cat with plenty of affection without it having to beg for it. Spaying and neutering can also eliminate other bad cat behaviours such as fighting with other cats. If the cat is wailing you should also consider taking the cat to a vet in case it is injured or in pain.

    Jumping on Counters – Make sure that you do not leave food out on work surfaces. You can put double sided tape on your work surfaces; cats do not like the feel of this on their feet and will jump off. 

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