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    How to teach an outdoor cat to live indoors?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceWednesday 31 August 2011

    Converting an outdoor cat into an indoor kitty needs to be start with a vet exam and spaying or neutering. In the outdoor environment the spayed feline is less interested due to the less mating instinct.

    Remember that all the things your feline was doing outside will bring now home. After getting all the necessary vet exams, get a good-sized litter box and place it in an comfortable area. Remember that if your cat doesn’t like the place where the litter box is, you can start smelling a cat’s urine odour all over the place. Make sure you provide all what is necessary to keep the litter box clean so your feline uses it. You should also offer your cat a scratching post and some special area where to do exercises and play with toys.

    It probably takes some time before your kitty gets used to live indoors but just be patient and train your cat to get the results you expect.

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