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    How to teach a cat to play fetch?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceTuesday 20 September 2011

    Cats are playful animals and it is an error to think that dogs hold the monopoly on fetching. Although many people think they kitty will simply ignore them when trying to play fetch, cats appear to enjoy play fetch. It actually is a matter of cat’s personality; however you should encourage your cat or kitten to participate in the game. This is an important attitude – you should not teach your cat to play fetch but try to encourage it. Base yourself on your cat’s natural playfulness and just try to reward it by offering it treats. Below you can find some simple steps on how to teach your cat to fetch. 

    Choose an object and do not spend too much time on this step. You know your cat and there is a great probability that your cat will get more interested in a passing leaf or ant that sparkling fetching ball from a pet shop. Catnip might result useless as your cat will prefer get high on it than get it back to you. Get a piece of paper, wrap it and simply start spending time with your feline. Choose a right moment to get your cat interested in the paper ball. Approach your cat when it seems to have nothing better to do and rustle the paper, whip it around in circles. Once you get your cat’s attention, toss the paper (or toy) a short distance away. Always talk to your kitten and praise it when reacts on y our commands. If you managed to get your cat’s interest for the paper ball, it will start to play with it around. Let your cat have its way with the ball for a while and then retrieve it. Grab the toy, drag it back to you and encourage your cat to follow by calling it to you. When the kitten approaches you again, reward it with a tasty kitty treat. Repeat all the process again: throw the toy, gradually tossing it farther and farther away from you. Stop giving treats gradually as rewards when your kitten starts to bring the toy back to you consistently. Bear in mind that cats can get easily bored so treats might not be the right way to get it in the game.

    Do not get discourage – it might take some time to get your kitten enter in the game.

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