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    How to Talk Cat | Kitten Ads

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011
    Talking cat is very useful when owning a cat. Learning to talk cat will help you and your cat understand each other properly. Recognising a cat’s body language will go a long way in communicating well. For more advice on how to talk to your cat, read on.


    First, when learning how to talk to your cat, you must learn what the cat’s sounds mean.
    • Normally your cat will be complaining when the meow is low-pitched.

    • A meow that is mid-pitched suggests the cat needs something.

    • The highest pitch meow indicated the cat is angry or in pain.


    The position and movement of a cat’s tail indicates his mood.
    • The cat is happy when the tail is pointing straight up.

    • The cat is irritated when the tail twitches slightly from side to side.

    • When he is angry, the cat’s tail will twitch rapidly.

    • If the tail is in between the cat’s legs this means is frightened.

    How to Talk to Your Cat

    When beginning to talk to a cat use the same words repeatedly. With each action you do a cat will start to associate certain words, so saying them as much as you can will really help. Each word should have its own tone when talking cat.

    Cats tend to be most responsive to the “e” sound so try adding this onto words when you talk to a cat.

    If and when a cat is behaving badly do not shout, but rather talk to a cat in a firm tone. Shouting will make the cat afraid and your message will not come through. Just tell the cat firmly “No” while you stop the cat with your hands.

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