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    How to take care of your outdoor cat in winter?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceMonday 31 October 2011

    Cats are one of the most fussy animals. When it comes to indoor cats it's just they do what they want and where they want. As a responsible cat owner, you have to make sure that your feline stays healthy and comfortable at all times. There are many things that pose hazards to your kitten outside. Read the article below to learn how to take care of your cat during winter months.

    Think of purchasing a large, deep plastic storage container. Draw the outline of a door near the bottom on one of the sides with a permanent marker. This should be on one of the thin sides (where the handles are located), not the longer sides. Assemble your cutting tool with one of the circular cutters and cut out the doorway. Depending on the thickness of the plastic, you may have to allow the cutter to cut through, lift it out and then cut through the next portion, rather than just running it along the outline. Make sure to wear safety goggles, as the plastic will fly and you might get injured. With the doorway cut out, replace the circular cutter on the Dremel with one of the small sanding wheels. Use it to smooth the edges all the way around the doorway. Make a comfortable bed inside with some old blankets you may have laying around and find a nice place to put the container. If you can place it under an overhang or in a breeze way, it would be ideal. With the blankets and the cat's own body heat within the plastic container, she can be warm and dry all winter long. Just be sure to replace the blankets weekly, or just wash them and return them, to make sure no mold builds up. Plus, ensure that your outdoor cat has a constant supply of fresh water and is fed regularly. Feeding her more soft food in the winter will help keep her body fat up, which will also help her stay warm. Of course, in the event of a severe cold snap, setting the cat up in the garage with a litter pan, food and water will help her ride out the winter away from the harsh wind and ice.

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    Text source: ehow; image source: novitsea

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