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    How to take care of your cat in winter?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 28 October 2011

    All the responsible cat lovers should think about their felines. Most cat owners know that their feline friends often like to play and roam outdoors, especially if they are male. However, it can be dangerous to let your pet outdoors during winter weather. Cats can experience the same winter woes as their owners so everyone should be prepared for the typical winter weather. Read the article below and learn how to protect your cat in winter.

    First of all, all the cat owners should ensure their pet's safety during the harsher months of winter by following a few simple steps. Of course the regular medical check ups are a must. A healthy cat is better prepared for winter than an unhealthy one. You should make sure to visit your veterinarian often to have your cat vaccinated as needed. The male cats shuld be neutered and female cats spayed to lower stray populations and maintain reproductive organ health. All the flea and tick medication should be up to date. Rinse away antifreeze puddles from you or your neighbours' vehicles. Check paw pads for salt pebbles or rock splinters they may encounter while roaming outdoors. These can lead to injuries and infections that weaken your cat, leaving it open to sickness if it goes outside.

    You should keep your cat indoors during the winter months as prolonged exposure to the cold can cause hypothermia or frostbite in cats. The survival instinct makes kate hide under warm car engines when it's cold, which can be very dangerous when the vehicle is started. The proper diet rich with high-quality ingredients and Omega fatty acids is crucial so your cat has a beautiful fur that makes it warmer. Brush your cat more frequently during colder weather to get rid of dead skin cells and dander. That will also help to prevent the shedding. If it's necessary to bathe your cat, use a moisturizing shampoo that is made specifically for cats. Learn more on how to bathe your cat here.

    Always remember to have your pets microchipped and make them wear the identification tag!

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    Text source: ehow; image source: vitaminsea


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