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    How to take care of tabby cats?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 16 September 2011

    A tabby cat is not a cat breed as it might be any feline that has a distinctive coat that features stripes, dots, lines or swirling patterns. The tabby cats might be found in many cat breeds as well as among mixed breeds. The most characteristic feature is an “M” marked on its forehead. Tabby coat pattern kitties might show up in combination with a variety of colours, including tortoiseshell. Black and blue are most common colours that usually show up without tabby markings though it is possible to see some exceptions. Two colour cats can have the tabby pattern show up on the coloured patches of their coat, such as tortoiseshell cats that sometimes display a pattern where the red-based and black-based tortoiseshell pattern is mixed with tabby markings. White spotting of any level can also appear in combination with tabby patterns though white is the only colour that never has any tabby markings.

    Frankly speaking there is hardly any difference in taking care of tabby kitten than as for any other cat. First of all, remember to give your cat a rich-protein food that proceeds from animals. Cats are carnivores so they should eat meat rather than be put on vegetarian diet, although a small amount of vegetable is allowed. Always provide your cat with an access to fresh and clean water. Especially during the summer months it should be obligatory. Tabby cats that are fed a diet of moist or wet food do not drink as much as those who eat dry foods. However, they need to drink water to keep hydrated. After providing your cat with appropriate diet, you should get proper veterinary care for you kitten. Remember to take it to the vet once a year at minimum for a general medical check up. Some routine physical examinations are recommended in order to avoid health problems in tabby cats, such as: obesity, diabetes, thyroid problems, bone and joint disorders, dental problems and ocular diseases. Provide your tabby cat with cats to play. Tabby kitties are curious and inquisitive pets and also are great hunters. It is easy to get them busy with balls, fake mice, laser pointers, sticks, string and pieces of furniture, such as condos or cat towers that allow the tabby cats to climb and run are all excellent choices. Remember to get a litter box for your tabby cat. You can learn few more useful tips on how to train your kitten to use it etc. Cats are clean animals so it is important to keep it clean.

    Last but not least, spend quality time with your tabby cat. They need affection and human interaction to make them feel happy.

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