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    How to take care of outside kittens?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 28 July 2011

    Outside cats are domestic cats that are free to come and go as they want to or are allowed outdoors for only parts of the day. That is what distinguishes them from the indoor cats that are permanently inside a flat or house. Although it is believed that outdoor cats have a far happier life than indoor cats, it is important to know how to take a proper care of them as they are exposed on many more outside factors. Learn here what the mayor hazards for outdoor cats are. 

    Cats that are allowed outside are far less likely to urinate in the home, claw at furniture, stalk humans or your other household pets. Cats that can enjoy life outside are less likely, than indoor cats, to become frustrated or bored with their surroundings. Outdoor cats are less likely to have a weight problem, cats get their exercise hunting, stalking, climbing etc. Indoor cats not only have less opportunity for exercise, but can also overeat through boredom. 

    Remember to feed the kittens 2-3 times a day and provide them always with fresh water. You might think about placing several bowls with water so they have access to it at all times. You should also bathe the kittens at least once every 2 weeks. Remember to spend time with your cat as they are not used to humans and might turn wild. You should show your outdoor cat a lot of love. Prepare your kitten bedding so it has a comfortable place to sleep. 

    Important: Keep your cat up-to-date with all the vaccinations and remember to have it microchipped!

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