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    How to take care of abandoned kittens?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 30 September 2011

    Many kittens may be abandoned because of variety of reasons: the death of their mother or mother rejecting some or all of the kittens. Although it might result difficult to deal with, taking care for abandoned kittens is quite easy task although might result time-consuming in the beginning. The most important thing is that you make sure that the litter of the kittens you have found is actually abandoned. Many times it happens that their mother simply go to get food etc. The abandoned kittens are normally dirty, their nest is soiled and the kittens might cry continuously. If you find the litter that is quiet and clean and the kittens are sleeping, it is a sign that their mother is nearby and will come back to keep caring for them. Remember not to remove the kittens from their mother until they are at least 4 weeks old for feral cats and other at about 6 weeks old.

    Once you make sure the kittens are abandoned, warm them immediately. Place a heating pad or hot water bottle where the kittens are placed till you get to the veterinarian offices. Kittens that are less than 3 weeks old are not able to control their body temperature and need a heating element near them at all times. It is important you provide something to warm them up. You can for example place a heat lamp over the area where the kittens are in. Once you manage to get the situation over control, take the abandoned kittens to a veterinarian or animal shelter where they can check their general health and conditions. The vet should check whether the kittens are dehydrated and provide them with appropriate treatment. The animal shelter should be informed in order to help with the cost of food and supplies.

    If you want to keep on taking care of the kittens, buy yourself a pet nursing kit containing a bottle, several nipples and a brush to clean the bottle with. Get also a kitten formula to feed the kittens. Remember to keep everything clean and sterilize after and especially before each use. Warm the kitten formula to room temperature and provide each kitten with 8 cc's of formula per ounce of body weight. Feed the kittens every few hours, gradually increasing the time as the kittens grow older and burp the kittens just like you would a human baby by holding it to your shoulder and gently patting its back. Stimulate the bladder and bowels for each kitten each time you feed them. Take a cotton ball, cotton pad or tissues moist them with warm water and gently rub the kitten's lower abdomen. Be careful as you might end up quite dirty with it. Always keep old towels or clothes on hand for this activity. Once the kittens are about 4 weeks old they will be ready to start litter box training. It is important to keep the kittens clean. Wash the kittens after every feeding with a barely damp warm washcloth and use short strokes like a mother cat would do.

    Remember always to give the abandoned kittens a lot of affection and play with them in order to help develop motor skills.

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