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    How to take a picture of your cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceTuesday 26 July 2011

    You have probably seen many contest that by placing a picture with your feline you can win awesome prizes! On Kittenads we organize photo contests – we just like it as we know how difficult it is to take a decent picture of your cat! If you need help with it because your kitty does not stop moving and is almost impossible to take a picture of it – read this article.

    First of all make sure that your camera is fully charged as we would not like to get the perfect moment without a tool to save it! Now, the difficult part comes – find your cat! When you already know its position, try to stand/sit/lay down on a floor near the place where your cat is but ignore your feline totally. Try not to make too much noise so your cat get used to your presence. Have patience and just wait a while with your camera in stand by! Your cat will probably groom, stretch or yawn so snap early but these poses make sometimes great pictures! With a shutter speed on a higher level you are able to get a picture of your kitty with its tongue out. That might be the winner photo, so do not miss it! If you are still patient wait to see what else your cat might do… remember that a sleeping cat can make a really cute photograph as well.

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