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    How to stop your cat from peeing in the house?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceWednesday 31 August 2011

    Due to feline protein metabolism, the cat’s urine has really unpleasant odour and might get even worse if your cat has an inflammation or infection. Cats are clean animals and so they want to have their surroundings also kept clean. And that includes the litter boxes. Some cat owners simply do not keep the litter boxes clean or they forget to empty it.

    You should bear in mind that dirty litter box is an equivalent of an unflushed toilet! Regularly changing the litter box and getting fresh litter once a day might help to get your cat to use it. When you already keep the litter box clean, now it’s time to get not one but two litter box for a cat. It is a good idea if you tend to come back home late from work or sometimes you are simply too tired to change the litter. Provide your cat with an alternative! If happens that your cat do not go to the litter box, there are many cleaning products which formula is designed to target cat urine and remove or the odours and stains.

    However, there are situations when the litter box is clean and your cat still uses all the space except for the box. In this case your cat is showing you its stress and displeasure. Never yell at your cat in such situations as you might only scare it and you get no effect. Simply calm down your cat, try to move the litter box to another place and start to figure out the reason.

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