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    How to stop your cat from attacking a Christmas tree?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 13 October 2011

    Although there are still few months left to Christmas, you might have already started to think about the presents and all the ornaments you put in your home. Remember, that if your cat is going to be somewhere near the Christmas Tree, you might need some extra methods to keep it away from it! Climbing up the tree, knocking ornaments off the tree... Read the article below to learn some tips on how to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree.

    Make sure that your cat is locked in a safe room large enough to hold it/them when everyone is either asleep or out of the house. This will keep your kitties from knocking down the tree on the floor. Don't tie a piece of high test fishing line to connect to the top of the tree to the ceiling. This will make the tree tip. Put any valuable ornaments somewhere on the top of the Christmas tree so that your cats cannot reach them.

    Remember that some cats might climb to the top of the tree, so this doesn't always work. Hang ornaments by using wire ornament hangers, you might use a pair of pliers to clamp the hook part around the branch and use duct tape. For Christmas trees shorter than 6 feet, you might use duct tape to tape the legs of the holder to a piece of wide ply-wood and put the whole thing on a short, sturdy table. This will keep the tree above their level and the cats won't be as interested.

    The scents are another way to keep the cats away from the Christmas Tree. Cats naturally hate the scent of oranges, so it might be useful to keep orange peels under the tree to repel your cat. If it's a plastic tree, you might place a small amount of Citronella oil and mist it on to the tree. It will make it smell unpleasant to the cat but fresh and citrus-like to you. When buying a Christmas Tree you should think about getting a Scotch Pines. These trees have sharp needles that repel cats.

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