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    How to Stop a Cat Catching Birds

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    If you cat has a generous nature then you might find that it brings you presents in the shape of birds. It is often difficult to deter cats from bringing live animals into the house because they think they are doing you a favour. If you decide to scold the cat it will only become confused so you must find other ways to stop cats from catching birds. This article will help you to get some ideas about how to deter cats from catching birds. 






    Top 5 Ways to Stop Cats Catching Birds

    Keep Cats Out of the Garden – keep your cat out of the garden it is as simple as that. If you are having problems with other people’s cats then you can tie CDs to string and this scares cats away. 

    Warn Prey – try attaching bells to a cat’s collar this will alert rodents and birds that the cat is coming; you could also try a sonic collar. A study in the UK discovered that making a cat wear a bell reduced bird kills by a huge 41%. It also helped to reduce predation of other animals by 34%. Sonic collars gained even better results reducing bird kills by 51% and other animals 38%. 

    Put Feeders in Safe Places – locate bird feeders where cats can’t reach them. Bird feeders should be high up away from windowsills and branches, cats shouldn’t be able to climb or jump up to bird feeders. You could attach a feeder to a pole or stake, if you decide to do this then you need to make sure the pole is metal or plastic so the cat can’t climb up it. 

    Redirect Hunting Behaviour – try getting your cat to hunt indoors, hide treats around the house, and play hunting games. 

    Keep Cats Indoors – indoor cats are safer and have been proven to live longer. You can train your cat to walk on a lead if you do not like the idea of your cat being shut up all of the time. Birds are most active at sunrise and sunset so if you keep your cat away from the garden at these times then it will reduce the chances of your cat catching birds. 

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